The Department of Internal Medicine at Santhi Hospital offers general medicine and primary care. As one of the premier departments of the Hospital, it brings together an elite cadre of medical professionals working as a team whose first priority is to provide patients with the highest level of primary care possible. The department is supported by the latest diagnostic facilities which enable us to provide comprehensive care to a patient, thus improving the quality of life.

Treatment options:

  • COPD/Asthma, Fever and allergy Management
  • Hypertension, Diabetic and diet clinic
  • Seizure/Stroke, Ischaemia, Heart illness Management
  • Gastro intestinal disorders management
  • Geriatric counselling and management
  • Thyroid and other endocrine disorders management
  • Effective management to Genetic disorders, Metabolic Syndrome, Rheumatological diseases and Hematology problems


  • Excellent support by monitoring equipment and diagnostic tools
  • Fully equipped 12 bedded intensive care unit to cater to all the requirements of critically ill patients.
  • Ventilator, Bi-phasaic Defibrillators for critical care (both invasive /Bi PAP)
  • 24 hrs service of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals

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