Islamic Welfare Trust (IWT) is a multifaceted charitable organization that has become a ray of hope for people across the length and breadth of Kerala. The various social welfare services rendered by the trust have come a long way in uplifting the people from the dredges of ignorance and ill health. Many projects have been undertaken and satisfactorily implemented during the past 33 years. The Santhi Hospital, Pleasant English School, Pleasant Arts College, Santhi School of Nursing, Ideal Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Library, Cultural Centers etc. are some of the institutions run under the trust. The trust takes up several welfare activities including building homes for the poor, well construction, drinking water projects, marriage assistance, educational aids etc.


The headquarters of IWT is at Omassery, which is 30 km southeast of Calicut city in the northern part of Kerala. The nearest airport, Calicut International airport is just 60 km away and the nearest railway station is in Calicut city. Omassery is a fast developing place and is well connected to the other parts of the state. Besides that, it is known as the gateway to the Western Ghats in Malabar.


The trust, since its inception in the year 1979, has used its limited resources diligently, thereby successfully constructing houses for the poor, selected without discrimination of caste, creed or religious affiliation. The trust also takes up reconstruction and repair of houses for people who can’t afford the cost. They also have taken up water projects benefitting several hundred people who were affected by the scarce availability of drinking water. This includes construction of public wells, community wells as well as wells for individual families. With the intention of eradicating the threat of malnutrition, the trust sets aside a significant amount of money each year to distribute healthy food to the economically backward sections of the society. Several other activities that the trust has taken up in uplifting the society includes providing financial help to couples who want to get married; providing capital to young entrepreneurs to jump start their business; providing relief and rehabilitation for areas struck by natural calamities etc.


The most important aim of the trust is to uplift the society from the dredges of ignorance. And for this, it runs several educational institutions to meet the educational needs of the society. The trust has institutions that cater to kids in pre-school to young adults who wish to gain their bachelor degrees. The institutions run under the trust include Pleasant English School which caters to students from pre-school to XIIth grade; Santhi School of Nursing, Ideal institute of Paramedical Sciences, Pleasant Arts College and added Santhi College of Nursing two years ago to its growing list. The trust provides all necessary services to these institutions including construction of buildings, purchase of equipment, financial assistance for day-to-day expenses when required etc. Apart from this, the trust also gives provides scholarships to deserving students of high caliber in order that they may complete their education in the best institutions possible.

The biggest project that the Islamic Welfare Trust has taken up so far, and successfully implemented is Santhi Hospital. It is a 370 bed charitable hospital established in 1988 at Omassery.The main objective of this hospital is to provide international quality medical care facilities at an affordable cost to the common man and the underprivileged sections of the society. It has made a mark in terms of its excellent medical expertise, nursing care and quality of diagnostic services through continuous updates, may it be a medical breakthrough or technology. The hospital facilities reach an approximate population of over 10 lakh people spread over 375 sq. km. the hospital boasts state of the art labour suites and operation theatres meeting international standards, a whole body spiral CT scan machine, a computerized digital X-ray machine as well as mobile ICU services to serve the rural community.

The hospital provides more than excellent medical services. The hospital takes up several welfare activities to improve the life of the people emphasizing the betterment of the life of the economically backward sections of the society. At Santhi Hospital, the treatment expenses for various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are comparatively less. For the destitute and needy patients, the hospital gives concession without discrimination of cast or creed. Sometimes, the patients get treatment free of cost. Each month, a huge amount is spent by the hospital exclusively for charity. The Hospital has another charity initiative named Sukurtham to help kidney patients. Under this initiative, the patients are given concession in their lifelong treatment procedures like dialysis. If required, they are provided with treatment free of cost as well. Ashwas is another venture initiated by the hospital to provide free and nutritious food to the patients and their care takers. The Social wing of the hospital in collaboration with the pharmacy identifies people in need of medications and distributes it to them free of cost.

The hospital also has Asha Counseling Centre providing specialized counseling and support services for the general public to curb various social evils.The Centre improves the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities by helping people make positive changes in their lives and empowering them to make healthy and effective choices. Another venture is Jyothis or Integrated Counseling and Testing Center (ICTC) providing HIV counseling, testing and treatment referrals free of cost.

The hospital also provides specialized health care to senior citizens. The patients who belong to the economically strained category get free medical assistance. Santhi Hospital is also a collaborating partner with the Revised National Tuberculosis Program (RNTCP) providing free smear microscopy as well as activities to improve and strengthen Tuberculosis prevention and control. Health check-up and promotion is another program initiated by the hospital to check the spread of diseases among the people. Regular medical camps are conducted in alliance with NGOs, social workers and other public institutions mostly in the remote areas inhabited mostly by tribes. They are provided with free medicines by the visiting teams of doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff. Apart from that, regular camps on first aid, trauma management, and related legal aspects are conducted. At present more than 1200 people make use of this camp.

The Pain and Palliative Care Clinic is a venture guided by the Pain and Palliative Society of Calicut, Government Medical College which has a team of highly qualified and trained doctors accompanied by nurses and volunteers. The clinic since its inception in 2003, has registeredmore than 500 patients and among them about 65 % are cancer patients. Besides giving treatment to the patients, the hospital also gives support to the members of the family. A noticeable amount of money is being spent for this purpose. The clinic also provides home care to those who require it. All the patients under the clinic are given procedures and medicines free any cost.